I’ve considered starting a blog for the longest time. Countless blog posts ideas ran through my head but I’d always pass off the idea, never trusting I had anything new or innovative enough to share.  Lately, I’ve been thinking of everyone who inspires me to live the lifestyle I do and it finally hit me that at some point, they had to put themselves out there for me to find them.   I think it is time I did the same, not just to share my ideas but to learn from all of you.

The blog title comes from a quote of a documentary I watched called the Clean Bin Project.  It states, “The number one thing is do one more thing.  Lets change one more thing that isn’t sustainable to sustainable.  And then just don’t stop.”  (You can watch the movie trailer here.)

This isn’t my all time favorite quote, but I like it because it encourages “being the change” and staying positive in a time when many people are scared and feeling doubtful that individual action can make a difference.    Regardless of whether my actions do change anything, I feel a strong responsibility to still try because I want my choices in life to directly represent what I value and what I believe in.  To quote Einstein, “those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”  I feel lucky to be able to live on this beautiful planet and I want to give back to the natural world that sustains us all.

Since researching about the great pacific garbage patch (and other ocean patches of trash), I’ve become pretty passionate on the subject of zero waste.  I follow various blogs, including the Zero Waste Home blog and Beth Terry’s MyPlasticFreeLife so you can expect posts on plastic free living and sustainable living.  But beyond that, I also adore reading and writing, family and friends, horseback riding, bike rides, design blogs, west coast swing dancing and nature hikes so definitely expect posts on those topics too.  🙂

Who and what in your life inspires you?


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